You have school or work, sports or other hobbies, family responsibilities and, oh yes, something that vaguely resembles a social life. How on Earth are you going to fit in studying for the GRE?

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Well … that’s what Baltidon Limited focuses on. Getting on with your life and getting the best prep in the world… A little study at your convenience wouldn’t hurt … There’s not much difference between this and pinging your friends! Baltidon breaks the GRE down for you in a nice, neat little package.

The GRE General Test Is a multiple-choice examination designed to measure the verbal, quantitative, and analytical skills you have developed in the course of your academic career. Because there is a strong correlation between high GRE scores and the probability of success in graduate school, many graduate and professional schools require that their applicants take the GRE General Test.

If you know what all the words in an antonym question mean, you won’t have any trouble choosing the right answer. If you know exactly how to solve a mathematics question and make no mistakes in arithmetic, you won’t have any trouble choosing the right answer. However, some sensible strategies will help you maximize your score. Baltidon gives you what you need, to succeed.


The answer lies in the question. You need it to get admitted, to study the course of your choice. Universities attempt to find out how much a student learned, usually in a specific subject, and how well he or she can apply that information. Without emphasis on memorized information, the GRE General Test measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical reasoning ability that you have developed both in and out of school.