Baltidon Education Consulting Ltd was established under the companies Act, 1968 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number: RC 48483 (Herein refer to as the Baltidon Consulting Limited).

OUR MOTTO: ‘ International Education Without Barriers’

Baltidon Consulting Limited (Educational Counsellor, Advisors and Test Administrators): Nigeria’s foremost firm of educational counsellor and advisors on international education welcomes you to the world of unlimited educational opportunities.
Baltidon Consulting Limited , with its unrivalled expertise and experience in the field of international education is the most credible organization that can make this a reality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the development of qualitative human resources for the overall growth and progress of Nigeria, Africa and the entire human race.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate a bridge between Nigerian students and their dreams of studying in American universities and other foreign schools.

Our Commitment

We are commited to encouraging Nigerian and International Students to get the best qualitative education without hindrance.

Our 100% success rate in Admissions Processing makes us stand out and we have network with lots of schools abroad.

It’s our 17th Year Anniversary and we are giving Free Text book once you register with us

  1. FREE KAPLAN Textbook with CD Rom: Get the 2018 updated version of the Kaplan TOEFL textbook, with CD ROM free, once you register for the TOEFL, You would not need to pay any extra amount to the N45,000 you paid for your test registration to get this. This will be shipped to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. Office pick up is also available.
  2. FREE TOEFL Online Prep Course: The TOEFL Online Prep Course which has helped our students achieve over 100 on their TOEFL scores, is an online tutorial that helps you build the skills you need for success on the TOEFL test. You get a Personalized Learning Path created by using the results of diagnostic pretests taken at the beginning of each skill section. Your Personalized Learning Path focuses on the specific skills where you need improvement and allows you to complete lessons at your own pace. Post-tests evaluate your progress in each skill area. The course helps you improve your skill levels in reading, listening, speaking and writing – the 4 skills measured on the TOEFL test. You get this FREE with your registration.
  3. FREE Intensive Class Based Lectures: Register for the TOEFL before December, 2018, and get to attend the TOEFL classes at our ultra modern training facilities. Our lecture halls come with learning aids and conducive environment.
  4. Lowest Test Registration Fee: All our freebies will be given to you, when you pay the registration fee of just N45,000. The fee is subsidized only when you register before December 30, 2018, to celebrate our 17th year Anniversary.
  5. FREE Counseling: Get the best counseling with regards to your test prep and study abroad options.
  6. Our LIVE Tutorial is also available for a token of 3,000 naira you will have access to 12hrs real time access to lectures from a Nigerian Lecturer and real time question which will bring you your scores immediately so you can know where to improve before the main Test .This is totally done online you can have access to tutoring anywhere you are once you have a computer and internet access